We want to thank all the generous donors who gave to our “Tamaleras The Movie Campaign” and those of you who purchased raffle tickets and merchandise! Your contributions are especially appreciated at this time of such economic uncertainty for all of us. You have proven time and time again that Las Nuevas has been a meaningful part of your Holidays throughout all these years and we are truly grateful for that!
We want to wish a very safe and joy filled Holiday season to you and all your loved ones and that the New Year brings hope of a return to and a deeper understanding of all the little things that bring happiness to your lives! And most of all, that we can celebrate the Holidays together again in 2021! We invite you to visit our website and Facebook page for updates!


Burras Finas Productions made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 stage production of Las Nuevas Tamaleras due to COVID-19. However,writer/director Alicia Mena is excited to inform fans about the launch of a grassroots fundraising campaign for the long awaited film project that promises to reach fans across the globe! 


Giving levels start at $26 marking the 26 years the production has been in existence. The Comadres level encourages donors to invite their comadres to join together and multiply their giving as well as an “in memory of” category that will add the name of your loved one to the website. We hope that fans will give in memory of their mothers, favorite tias and abuelitas. Donors levels include a variety of swag from the play, including the beloved, “Que Selfish Eres” apron, t-shirt and new this year mask with another famous quote from the play, “I can’t do everything!”, perfect for tamaleras gathering with families for the annual tamalada!

For More Information Call: 210-223-2009

Burras Finas Productions – San Antonio, Texas