Las Nuevas Tamaleras

The charming Christmas play, Las Nuevas Tamaleras, returns to the Carver stage as it celebrates its 30th anniversary of its San Antonio premiere!

A depiction of three women – Silvia, Josie, and Patsy – in their bumbling and hilarious attempt to make tamales for the first time as the spirits of two seasoned tamaleras – Doña Mercedes and Doña Juanita – appear with their own advice for the perfect tamal, this classic comedy is considered the longest-running Chicana production in the country and the longest-running production in San Antonio.

The show’s endearing characters and heartfelt themes of family and tradition have made seeing Las Nuevas Tamaleras as much a holiday tradition as the tamalada itself. Centered around comradery, community, and culture, Las Nuevas Tamaleras makes you laugh, makes you cry, and makes you proud!